We spend more than 90% of their day indoors; an environment that needs attention if we want to make ourselves more vital.


Technology plays an increasing role in our lives, although it provides comfort it can also have a negative impact on health. Especially in the office, people are physically inactive for an increasing part of the day. In addition, the dividing line between work and private life is becoming increasingly blurred due to hybrid working. All this puts greater pressure on both physical and mental vitality.


What do we do?

The program line @work validates and develops innovations. Knowledge institutions Fontys, imec, TNO and TU/e have established the Workplace Vitality Hub together with Twice and the High Tech Campus. A testing environment space where technological innovations can be tested, validated and further developed under controlled conditions.

In the Workplace Vitality Hub, it is possible to test and validate existing vitality concepts and technologies in the work environment and also to demonstrate their effect. In that way, we see both what is possible today and at the same time create a vision for the future. Employees of (regional) companies can also come and work in the Workplace Vitality Hub to experience how the work environment of the future contributes to their vitality.


The goal of the Workplace Vitality Hub and the program line is to make validated vitality solutions and the underlying technologies available to public and private parties in the region. To do this, a number of activities must be optimally connected:


Explore which concepts can be introduced to the market


Merge knowledge, expertise, and process

Roll out

Validate and scale up


Making solutions available to the work field


Deploy in other environments


Being visible and allowing people to experience

For more information:

Marieke van Beurden
Eindhoven University of Technology

Sywert Brongersma

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