Lector Media Design at HAN University of Applied Sciences

Wouter is a UX-specialist since 2002. He has specialized in design methods and applies design to key human-technology interactions. In 2012 he developed a research line in serious gaming, with a focus on exergaming in Eindhoven. Currently he works with the municipalities of Arnhem en Nijmegen on this topic.

We are designed to move. To design movement back into our (digital) lives. Therefore, we need to think beyond exergames as singular interventions (design in the small), but with a systemic approach (design in the large). The technology for systemic exergaming seems available. How can we move from a series of single interventions to a systemic approach? In this interactive workshop we will show and review several examples of systemic approaches.

We aim to bring together a group of researchers and practitioners to setup a project aimed at youth for a healthy, active living environment through active esports. You are more than welcome to join us.

Wouter Sluis-Thiescheffer

Gen Z, building community and talent through exergaming