System Integrator, Wearables at Holst Centre, TNO

Shavini Stuart has an MSc and Ph.D. from Brunel University in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Material Science. She has worked for 3 years as a System Integrator, within the Wearables Hybrid Printed Electronics team in the Holst Centre, TNO. Prior to this, she worked internationally; developing new nanotechnology instrumentation, process engineering for implantable devices and developing new conductive formulations for applications primarily focused within the field of healthcare. She has experience over the TRL ranges 1-7 from early-stage research of smart wound dressings to more mature product development of class 2B and 3 Medical devices.

There is a growing number of commercially available wearable devices with vital sign-sensing capabilities. These sensors are often assuming a static condition on users, as a result motion is often seen as a disturbance to the signal. However, with the desire for application out-of-hospital settings over longer durations with increased activity levels, there needs to be a higher level of reliability in the signal quality obtained. Within this presentation, she will discuss the current challenges and innovative solutions for applying wearable devices in real-life settings.

Shavini Stuart