3x Olympic Gold Athlete Ice Speedskating | Business Owner De Timmer Fabriek & advisor for Sportbizz, Inno4health and Rm4health

Marianne Timmer is widely known for her prolific sports career as an ice skater, and coach. But alongside and after her sports career, she is an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial.  The challenge of helping people develop themselves and become vital and healthy plays a central role in this.

How do we tackle the challenge of inactivity? How do you take the right steps as an individual to get to that healthy active lifestyle? How do you ensure optimal motivation in this and how can innovation and technology help in this?  In the pannel, Marianne will share her experiences and insights and thus certainly provide the necessary inspiration.

I owe a lot to the sport and I would like to pass on this knowledge to those who want to develop themselves, become fitter and have a healthier lifestyle.

Marianne Timmer
How vitality and innovation can improve our daily life