Cardiologist at Maxima Medical Center

Hareld Kemps is a cardiologist at Máxima Medical Center and associate professor at the Department of Industrial Design of Eindhoven University of Technology (learning assignment Remote Patient Management in chronic cardiac care). He has a special interest in designing and implementing new technology and care pathways that will assist cardiovascular patients to manage their disease in their home environment and to guide healthcare professionals in tailoring treatment strategies to the patient’s needs and expectations. He has been leading and participating in several national and international research projects, (co-) authored > 100 peer-reviewed papers and is supervising >10 PhD students. Currently, he participates in the daily management team of the Eindhoven Medtech Innovation Center and he is a member of the Dutch Working Group of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation and of the Digital Health Committee of the European Society of Cardiology.

The number of chronic cardiac patients is increasing rapidly while healthcare staff shortages are rising. To keep healthcare accessible without compromising quality, innovations in healthcare are urgently needed. In this presentation novel, remote, technology-assisted healthcare pathways are presented and future directions will be discussed.

Hareld Kemps