Prof. Dr Eckehard Fozzy Moritz

Innovator-in-chief at Innovationsmanufaktur GmbH

Prof. Dr. Eckehard “Fozzy” Moritz is the founder and innovator-in-chief of Innovationsmanufaktur, as well as the intellectual father of “Innovatorik”, the methodology behind Holistic Innovation. He has been addressing innovation strategies and methodologies since the 1990s, with one of the core focus points being physical activity and health as well as elite sports. Prof. Moritz was among other things chairman of the 6th World Conference of the International Sports Engineering Association, hosted the ISPO innovation forum for five years, and has been teaching at universities world-wide. Since 2017, Fozzy has been the mastermind of the international sports innovation network; since 2018 vision leader of the German Innovation Hub Elite Sports.

Joy is magic potion and free gift in physical activity at the same time. Joy of Movement will make more people move more, and moving more will make more people experience more joy. An upward spiral towards vitality, health and happiness. And the royal road to reduced cost of health systems; towards a more sustainable, fair, inclusive, and resilient world.

In this contribution not only will this storyline be illuminated, but it will be detailed how knowledge about the triggers of Joy Of Movement, about the preconditions of Joy Of Movement to mature, and about success factors of related offers can be used to generate new solutions that invite to experience Joy Of Movement. This is as much a glimpse into the future of sports, as it is a blueprint towards more health and happiness. The contribution will include some interactive elements to intensify the experience and maximize the use value for participants.

Prof. Dr Eckehard Fozzy Moritz

Joy of Movement as a Game Changer towards an Active and Healthy World