In recent years there has been a growing awareness of the great importance of professional and grassroots sports and the opportunities they provide for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.


Sport gets us moving in many ways. Professional sport stimulates and inspires, but sport is also fun and healthy to do. Having fun, getting the most out of your personal talent, and exercising athletically. At the same time monitoring the physical, mental, and physiological load to exercise healthily and responsibly and prevent overload. Innovation can help to maximize the potential of sports for the vitality of all of us, but also to improve the performance of elite athletes.


What do we do?

Within the program line @sport we work on:

  • the performance improvement and optimization of training of athletes and teams;
  • on stimulating sports participation;
  • on the optimal use and development of everyone’s talents and sports ambitions.

The personal load and capacity of each athlete are the starting point. To do this, we use smart sensors and data technologies, but we also rely on knowledge of human factors, training/education, and apply principles of gamification.


The core of the ELIS innovation cycle methodology is working based on practical needs and opportunities to develop innovations, validating innovative products and services, and supporting in accessing the market. Sports, sports field labs, knowledge partners and companies work together on innovations that matter: innovations with sporting, economic and social impact.

Exploring opportunities for sport

From idea to product

Testing in and with real-world applications

Guiding the innovation into practical implementation

Ensuring a wide adoption

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InnoSportLab De Tongelreep

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Urban Sports
Urban Sports Performance Centre


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Gymnastic sports
InnoSportLab ‘s Hertogenbosch

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Soccer – PSV

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Cluster Sports & Technology

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Brabant Sport

Roald van der Vliet
InnoSportlab De Tongelreep

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Cluster Sports & Technology

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