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More and more people play sports and exercise in public spaces in their own time; this makes an exercise-friendly public space essential.


A broad, structural attention to the exercise-friendly design of the living environment reduces health differences between residential areas. In addition, it makes a positive contribution to solving broad social issues in the field of aging (e.g. combating loneliness) and climate (e.g. more greenery in the neighborhood) 


What do we do?

Within the program line @public space, people’s physical living environment is being designed to have (more) space for sports, games, and exercise. The focus is to engage the group of people who currently do not exercise enough. Innovations will be used to entice them to sport and exercise so that they can make efficient, effective, and sustainable use of the public space.


Within the program line, a distinction is made between two customer groups: owners/managers/designers of public spaces with policy reasons to create exercise-friendly public spaces, and the innovative business community who design products for public space.


The goal of @public spaces is to develop innovations with a good connection to both the needs of end users and the needs of paying customers. This is done through research, real-life acquired data, and the organization of smart innovation and development processes.

To accurately measure and predict changes in sports, play, and physical activity behavior, the living lab approach is utilized whenever possible:


In a real-life environment with ‘real users’

With municipalities, owners/operators, and professional users

Creating impact
Continuation after project completion

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Harmen Bijsterbosch


Noud van Herpen SSNB n.v.herpen@ssnb.nl

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