Vitality Innovation Kitchen

The Vitality Innovation Kitchen is a service that was created as a result of a Challenge initiated by the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport. This challenge made it possible for companies to win a 40,000 euro grant for the implementation of an innovation project in the field of physical activity in public spaces. The winners were able to further develop their concept into a market-ready product with this support. 


The Vitality Living Lab project partners wanted to help potential applicants for this challenge to come up with a successful project. Innovative concepts from companies were first prepared for successful proposals on a “pressure cooker” day. The Vitality Living lab project partners provided feedback on the applicants’ business model. They were given information on the do’s and don’ts of writing a proposal and they started working.  After the pressure-cooker day, participants received feedback on their draft proposals and were offered pitch training, with a team of experts from the Vitality Living Lab project’s wider partner network. This network also provided access to potential customers, technology, expertise, testing and measurement services, and test groups.

Challenges are increasingly used as a tool for stimulating and creating innovations on societal issues. The Vitality Innovation Kitchen approach is therefore expected to be used more frequently.

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