Vitality Accelerator Program

The Vitality Accelerator Program helps bring innovations to market. The Vitality Accelerator Program has a select number of participants who have presented at the Vitality Pitch Stop Event. Only those teams and innovations deemed suitable based on objective criteria and the subjective judgment of experts are allowed to participate.


The 10-week program consists of several topics. Together with the teams, we determine what their goals are and where the focus of the guidance should be for them. The Vitality Accelerator Program provides appropriate workshops and expertise in these areas. Together with their mentors and the entrepreneurs, the teams go on an adventurous journey.


What is unique about this accelerator program is that it is tailored to the needs of participants. The well-known accelerator programs often last 3-6 months and requires an almost full-time commitment. It is not suitable for start-ups where founders often still have jobs or have to run a business alongside the duration f the program. 


Participants rated the accelerator program with an 8 out of 10 highlighting its success and effectiveness.

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