The neighborhood approach

In the neighborhood approach, an inventory is first made of the vitality issues within a neighborhood, what ideas and wishes there are for this and which of these can perhaps be developed as new innovations. In the neighborhood approach, a match is made between issues of citizens, municipal and social organizations with parties who can offer suitable solutions for these issues. The effect of this ‘match’ is ultimately measured. This gives companies the opportunity to innovate together with local residents and to carry out an initial practical test.


The neighborhood approach starts with a session with neighborhood residents, neighborhood professionals and partners of the Vitality Living Lab project. During this session, the challenges, obstacles, opportunities and ideas of the neighborhood are inventoried. 


For the second meeting, (local) providers will also be invited to come up with some concrete solution ideas with ownership.

Together with the Vitality Living Lab project partners, the ideas and solutions from these workshops will be tested and further developed. The ultimate goal is to validate a number of innovations in the neighborhood to then roll out further to other neighborhoods and cities if successful.

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