Design Marathon

The Design Marathon is a collaboration between consortium partners of the Vitality Living Lab project, the Faculty of Industrial Design of the TU/e and the Fontys ICT study program. By combining elements such as a hackathon with a regular subject in the educational program, a boost can be given to students’ creativity as well as time to develop a working and tested solution.


In courses at TU/e and Fontys ICT, students in teams devise innovative ways to change behavior for a healthier lifestyle. These innovative ways focus, for example, on: motivation, social interaction, environment (public space or work environment), prevention, etc.


The three-month courses start with a hackathon, in which ideas are generated for innovations for sports & vitality. There will be 12 hours of consecutive design and brainstorming. Brainstorming is interspersed with speakers who give participants new insights and inspiration. Exercise breaks are scheduled to keep body and mind fit. 


At the end of hackathon day, participants pitch their idea to the judges. The jury evaluates the ideas and asks critical questions, which are taken into account in the further development of the ideas. The jury also chooses a winner.  

The students then start working on their ideas in their regular education program. After 6 weeks, the students hold a midterm pitch, giving them feedback on their idea. This was held last time during Dutch Design week in a public setting. After that, the students work hard with the feedback and the prototypes are tested and further developed. During a Demo Day at TU/e or Fontys at the end of the course, the students present their prototypes.

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