ELIS Innovation Hub

Our health is the most important thing there is. Being vital, both physically and mentally. Yet our health is under enormous pressure: obesity, little exercise, a lot of sitting which got even worse during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. About 2,800 years ago, the Greek City State of Elis brought together knowledge and skills to keep the population vital. This later formed the basis of the Olympic Games, which were first organized in the same city-state, in the cities of Epitalion, Elis and Olympia, 776 BC.


The importance of vitality, mentally and physically, is greater than ever. We see this within elite and recreational sports, at work, in public spaces, at home, and in schools. With smart technology and knowledge, the opportunities to make a social, sporting and economic impact through innovative solutions are also greater than ever. The ELIS Innovation Hub emerged from two key elements –  collaboration and connection that have been shaped in recent years within the Brabant ecosystem. A hub in which governments, businesses, knowledge institutions, and sports work closely to bring knowledge and expertise together to keep people vital and help them achieve their full potential. Just as they did in Elis, 2,800 years ago.

Innovation Cycle

ELIS Innovation Hub accelerates innovations through the innovation cycle to achieve social, sporting and economic impact. Starting from market demand, innovations are developed, validated, and accelerated to bring an idea or product to the market quickly and with proven effectiveness. The smart utilization of data is crucial in the process: with data, there is an insight into the needs, but it is also possible to steer innovations while determining their impact on vitality.

Program lines

With the ELIS Innovation Hub, we contribute to innovations for a more vital society in places where it is most needed. We call these places program lines, within which collaborations take place and innovations are developed. This results in social (personal), sporting, and economic impact!

Innovation updates